DigestMed, a gastroenterology clinic and one of our long-term clients, had low SEO performance on their website despite our efforts. The website’s organic positioning was poor and organic search represented just 18% of overall traffic and 20% of overall goals. All of this meant that the SEO component of the marketing mix was low in terms of ROI.

We identified a series of technical issues with their website that reduced the impact of any SEO efforts:

1. The website load speed was over 20 seconds;

2. Uploading new content and editing old content was difficult;

3. The website had 3rd party integration issues, which meant that certain features like the chat and the appointment form sometimes stopped working.


We decided the best way to approach this issue was a complete rework of the website. The main objective was to help organic positioning by building a SEO-friendly website that meets Google’s technical criteria and pushes forward the client’s most important services through a better thought-out website structure. The secondary objective was to also increase the goal conversion rate for the other channels by fixing the issues that impeded conversion.


231% increase in traffic

246% increase in new users

225% increase in goal completions

78 new keywords in the first two pages of Google results in the first 9 months

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