Breast cancer is the primary cause of death for Romanian women and uterine cancer has a mortality rate over 4 times higher than the EU average.

However, Romania is in the last place in all European rankings when it comes to prevention.

As the feminine beauty standards like hair, breasts or complexion are severely affected by the cancer fight, Romanian women have to also deal with a lowered quality of life due to social exclusion, shame and depression.


In order to fight stigma and promote social inclusion for women fighting cancer, we launched an awareness campaign starring real women fighting cancer, in a glam nude photoshoot by the internationally renowned Romanian photographer, Mihaela Noroc, author of the “Atlas of Beauty”.

Instead of covering their new, short hair with a wig or a scarf, they proudly display it! Instead of hiding their scars, they praise them as what they really are: A sign of fighting cancer and winning!


Over 1.000.000 people reached in one month through earned media impressions

Dozens of pieces of press coverage

Media coverage by the biggest media trusts in Romania, like Media Pro and Biz Magazine

148% appointments increase in women aged 18-29

58% appointments increase in women aged 30-39

109% appointments increase in women aged 40-49


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