In 2021, Biofarm, one of the oldest and longest lasting pharmaceutical company in Romania, was preparing to launch a brand new pain medication to compete with local and international brands.

The medicine, Biofen, was expected to be Biofarm best seller, so they needed the medical and sales teams to work closely together in order to ensure the success of the launch. As an added challenge, the event had to be online because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.


Together with Biofarm, we created a virtual company event designed to promote the transfer of knowledge and close collaboration between the madical and sales teams, and to hype Biofarm employees abound the launch of their new star product.

Considering Biofarm’s rich history, being a Romanian pharma brand since 1921, we set up the launch of Biofen to be a record breaker by associating it with Nadia Comaneci’s historic performance at the Summer Olympics in 1976, when she became the first gymnast to get a perfect score.

Nadia Comaneci herself spoke at the launch to promote a champion attitude and teamwork to the Biofarm employees.

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