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Did you know 5% of all Google searches are health related? Imagine the power of a strategicaly crafted medical website that seamlessly blends solid SEO principles, stunning web design, and flowless user experience.

Our expertise lies in creating medical websites that not only captivate but also convert. Harness the power of SEO friendly web design & development that makes your brand stand out and strategically positions your service for maximum visibility and tangible results.

As a healthcare provider, your online presence plays an essential role in establishing trust, fostering connections, and driving patient acquisition. Let your medical website be the beacon that guides your patients to your expertise!

MPR Agency Website – Florin Lazarescu
MPR Agency Website - Dr. Leventer Center
MPR Agency Website – Htss
  • Thanks to the MPR Agency, we now have these functional, optimized and user-friendly websites, filled with great content and which are very easy to navigate for our patients. The agency understands very well the client’s needs and respects them, while also bringing their innovative ideas to the table.

    Simona Cernea, Executive Director of Dr Leventer Centre.

  • I am very pleased with how the website looks and feels. Patients find it very easy to navigate on desktop and mobile. I have also seen an improvement in appointment requests, especially from SEO.

    Elena Ciupercă, General Manager of DigestMed.

  • MPR Agency delivered effective marketing strategies for HTSS and implemented them successfully to help our brand improve customer perception. I appreciate the team’s proactivity and the fact that they are involved in our overall marketing strategy.

    Mirabela Pricopi, Chief Marketing Officer at HTSS Group.

  • The Romanian academic environment needs experts in healthcare marketing. The website for e-conference  Nutriterra “The Nutrition, Diet Therapy & Food Safety Conference in the context of COVID-19 Pandemic” is an example of success in the university medical partnership and MPR Agency.

    Univ. Lect. dr. Anca L. Pop, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania.

  • Health industry communication and marketing need a special approach and MPR, with it’s medical exclusive services, is exactly what is providing. Integrated web & digital services is making MPR a reliable and trustful partner.

    Dr Florin Lăzărescu, CEO Trident Dental Clinics.

  • The collaboration with MPR Agency gave us all the necessary tools for a fast but healthy growth of our clinic. From technical or creative solutions to implementation, we have always been able to rely on the MPR team, which has become a member of our team in the 4 years of collaboration.

    Dragoș Tudorache, Managing Partner, Neuroaxis.

Built for the healthcare market, using healthcare market data

Healthcare is a notoriously opaque domain, where market data and relevant benchmarks are hard to come by. Unless you manage an entire network of websites from different healthcare domains, like dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, stomatology and so on.

We use real time marketing data to deliver the best experience for your customers and the best return for you.

Designed by experts with over 50 years of accumulated experience

We’ve spent years developing websites for clinics, hospitals, heathcare tech companies, online pharmacies and more, and with every one of them we improved the tools and guidelines we need to deliver a medical website which brings results right from the get-go.

Choosing to build your medical website with MPR Agency means working with a team of professionals who have tackled a wide range of domain-specific challenges, so you don’t have to.

SEO Friendly from the very start

If a website doesn’t show up on Google, does it even exist? In the realm of SEO, we strongly believe that establishing a solid groundwork is key to achieving long term success. This is precisely why we infuse SEO friendly principles into the very DNA of a medical website during its structural development phase.

Mobile first, no cut corners on Desktop

Envision a world where anyone can effortlessly reach any website, anytime, and from anywhere, all in the grasp of their hand. Wait, that’s the reality. With over 70% of user interactions with websites originating from mobile devices, those initial impressions are pivotal. Hence, we adopt a mobile-first approach in crafting your medical website.

Don’t worry, your website design will retain its charm and functionality on larger screens as well. For those instances when your clients seek in-depth insights to make informed choices.

Track marketing data the GDPR friendly way

Get the marketing data you need the ethical way, with a GDPR compliant pop-up and automatically generated cookies declaration that keeps up with the changes on your medical website.

We can also help you create legally approved Terms of Use and Privacy Policies specific to your country and region.

Blink and you miss it loading times

We leverage the power of the WordPress platform, paired with a lightweight builder in order to avoid the bloat caused by plug-ins and keep your medical website as customisable as possible. The outcome? Blazingly swift load speeds that not only enhance user contentment but also contribute to an outstanding SEO ranking.

On top of that, our custom elements are designed to be easy to use for everyone with no coding experience.

Tailor made for your business goals

Our medical websites are built from the ground up based on our clients business goals and brand values. This means your entire website design and layout will be developed to highlight your best assets and encourage the actions you value the most.

Safe and secure, for you and your clients

Online safety and privacy are some of the most important features for a healthcare website. We use the latest security tools and best practices to ensure both your patients and your employees can safely use your medical website, while protecting sensitive data.

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